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Here’s a video explanation of how I got into trees.

We are living in such interesting times.  It’s a time of crisis yet also a time of great awakenings, and with that, the opportunity for new beginnings.

I believe our world needs us to wake up, discover who we really are, and boldly move forward on our unique journeys.

I also have a vision:  masses of women stepping onto the wisdom path with their unique destiny and purpose guiding them, as they lead their villages into a better way of life.  A life of compassion for self, fellow human beings, and Mother Nature.

Believe me, I didn’t start with this vision.  It’s my own life path that has brought me to this moment.  Over a decade ago, I had my awakening through a devastating experience.  The devastation became me the greatest gift. Because in the end, I got myself back.


Are you at the point in life where you are looking for your next             (you fill in the blank)?  Is it time to focus on you, what you want and who you truly are now that old roles have been fulfilled?

I am so happy that you’re here, because nothing happens by accident.  The breadcrumbs led you here.  Whether it was seeing an email, a blog post, social media, a friend, or a Google search,  you were brought here for a reason.

Do you feel that longing for something else in your life, but the something else isn’t defined?  It’s so frustrating to feel like you’re supposed to be doing something, but have no idea what it is or where to start.

I was there – lost, completely ungrounded, and I felt so alone.  I had been a woman of logic and hard work.  I had been very successful in my engineering career and I had been married.  My devastating divorce caused me to wake up and realize I was miserable in the career life.  I had no spiritual resources except for what I was learning rapidly through books.  But I started paying attention to the “signs” or breadcrumbs.  This is when my conscious journey really began.  Since then, I have had many amazing growth experiences.

My first real spiritual experience was during a nature-based retreat.  I’ve always been a nature girl, and nature has always been the place I feel at home.  But I never had tried to work with nature to look within myself.   I was doing dream work at this retreat, and I was pretending to be a dream character from a really scary dream while walking out in nature.  I was really feeling how angry this character was, and I walked by a big juniper tree that had a couple of dead branches on it.  I grabbed one of the branches and was going to rip it off.  But I had another voice saying, No!  Don’t hurt the tree!  I didn’t know what to do.  The retreat guide told me to act out the character, and the character wanted to rip the tree apart!  But the real me didn’t want to do that!  Nevertheless, I squeezed the branch and ripped.  At the very moment that the branch snapped, a hummingbird appeared out of nowhere and buzzed my head!  I knew at that moment it was a message intended for me and I understood it.  “Stop doing what you think everyone else wants you to do and be true to yourself!”  I was pretty surprised!

Then, I went to a sunny spot surrounded by junipers, laid down, and took a nap.  When I woke up, I heard a raven fly over me.  I opened my eyes, and I was staring at a tree branch with a creature sitting on it staring at me!  He was mostly man, naked, but had an eagle’s beak.  About the size of a squirrel, he had long brown hair, and intense green eyes staring at me and into me.  I only saw him for the split second, so I sketched him and described him in my journal right away.  Nothing like this had ever happened to me!  I was shocked, but really excited.  Was I really starting to connect to the Unseen, the Great Mystery, in some mystical way?  Nature seemed to be talking to me, but it felt like more than nature.  I felt like I was finally really waking up from the trance that had been my life.

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The next year I deepened by nature-based work, and went on a vision quest.  During my four-day fast, the veil really thinned, particularly in my ears.  I heard amazing music and chanting.  It never stopped until I got into my car, even after spending a couple of days in base camp following my fast.  It was so mysterious and mystical, and I couldn’t believe it was happening!  I was thrilled and really grateful.  The connection to the Unseen seemed to be getting stronger and more mysterious at the same time.  I really didn’t know what it all meant, but it truly was making me feel more alive than ever.  By this point, I was pretty sold on my nature-based spiritual work!  I was obsessed with studying the true nature of reality and how the “real” reality was nothing like I thought it was.  I was now convinced the other side does exist!  Life had new depth and meaning!  I couldn’t get enough!

Then I had some more life-altering experiences with psychotropic plant medicines, namely ayahuasca.  As part of my healing journey, I went to Peru to experience ayahausca ceremonies with a medicine woman.

These ceremonies were intense, scary, really hard, and blissful, and literally changed my life!  I won’t go into detail here, but one of the things I experienced was traveling through a plant and into a tree.  This tree was the “Tree of Life”, a towering powerful presence, and one to revered and respected.  I felt so small and insignificant, and I felt awe.  This presence showed me that I was to find another way for people to experience the awesomeness of the mystical, unexplainable spiritual realm.  I saw again there is way more to reality than the old me thought.  The intensity of these mystical experiences propelled me into the study of trees.

I’ve found trees to be amazing teachers and healers.  I believe they have their own intelligence and they are directly connected to the other side, the unexplainable Divine.  They have shifted my body posture, caused physical purging, performed energy healing, given me visions, and have guided me along my life journey.  They are the beings who guided me into sharing what I was receiving.  From my work with the trees, I have developed the ability to receive healing and guidance from the trees for myself, the masses, and individuals!  It’s like connecting to the Divine with a whole lot of tree wisdom thrown in!

Now I feel awake and connected; I know I’m never alone; I know there is a loving force so much greater than us; and I have trust and faith in the guidance I am receiving.  My life has gotten easier and easier and more and more peaceful.

In June of 2017, I went on another vision quest.  I sat with Pando, the ancient aspen tree grove in central Utah during my 4-day fast.  The visions were intense, and so was the experience in my body.  It was absolutely amazing – actually impossible describe – what it is like to talk to the Unseen through body pain, through the trees, and through mysterious visions.  I received very specific guidance.  My new program, the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way, is the first step of acting upon the guidance.

I don’t take it lightly that you have chosen to consider working with me as you seek guidance in your life journey.  I am devoted to sharing with you what I have learned!  This is my intention in the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way.