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Soul Care Journey |Claim Your Destiny. Reach your Potential. Be Free.
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You're Waking Up!

It is No Coincidence.

We are meant to be Free.

When you start asking the questions like, “Why am I here?”  & ” What’s the purpose of life?”, it’s a sign.

Your number has been called to claim your destiny.  Hanging up on the call is not an option.

Your Soul is emerging to guide you on the adventure of your lifetime.


“Be all that you are.  Only then can you be free.”


Join those who are being called.

Introducing the High-Powered, Life-Changing, Nature-Inspired Way to YOU!

Soul Care journey, Nature’s Way!

What is it?

A uniquely powerful, tree-inspired, self-guided training program delivering:

  • a tool kit for navigating your destiny,

  • a solid sense of your mission in improving the world, &

  • the sense of freedom by being all that you are!

The Soul Care Journey has been life-changing for me!   I feel like I’ve identified my purpose to love and be loved.  By keeping that central my life is simplified.  The insights I am gaining are helping me to grow into my full potential.  While I’m an optimist, I think in the last several months I’ve been able to tap into something that is making me happier with less worry.  My innocent one comes out more, and I think this is opening me up to see new possibilities.  I am excited about learning the information and trying new things.  I’m also getting better at seeing the breadcrumbs and following them.  Thank you Kathy for the Soul Care Journey!

Susan Hamada

Retired Associate Library Director, Therapy Dog Team, Draper, UT

Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way,

delivers these results among many others:


Feel into a more defined path as you learn to read the breadcrumbs/signs/guideposts, step-by-step.


Confidence grows & grows the more you follow each breadcrumb and reap the rewards of awe, curiosity, and belonging to your purpose & destiny.


Begin to feel unstoppable on your path collecting more and more of your authentic Self and your inner Wisdom.

How is it delivered?

  • Experiential program delivered online.
  • Unique focus each month providing the life-changing building blocks.
    • Includes video, downloadable workbooks and audio files – guided meditations and ecstatic trance to use at home and in nature.
  • Balanced learning through your whole self – mind/body/Soul, and with the intention of no overwhelm!
  • Monthly group phone call with Q&A and focused discussion.
  • Access to Soulful support and comradery through a private Facebook group for Soul Care Journey members!
  • Choose between two subscription levels, Silver Membersip includes all of the above and Gold Membership adds one-on-one mentoring and coaching.  Learn More.

Kathy, thank you so much for creating this life-changing experience!  Through the Soul Care Journey, I have rediscovered myself and can now connect to my innocence and joy at any moment.  I had felt stuck and uneasy on and off over the years, and I knew I needed to connect to my authentic self.  I’m so grateful for the liberation I feel!  As a collective in partnership with Mother Earth we each have a role to embrace as the quantum era evolves.  I’m now in alignment with my own powerful role because of the Soul Care Journey.    

Lisa Regan

Licensed Agent Helping Women with Financial Empowerment, New York Life Insurance Company, Butte, MT

Discover the Power & Freedom of Being You!

Soul Care journey Outline

Develop A Strong Foundation

  • Reclaim Innocence & Joy
  • Empower your Innocence
  • Partner with your Body & Mind

Connect to Nature

  • Discover why Nature is your greatest Ally
  • Feel the Mysterious & Powerful Wisdom of Trees through lucid and trance communication
  • Explore the Creation Myth of Sophia
  • Explore the Mystery & Mysticism of Nature’s tenders – Sophia & Fairies

Turn on & Tune into your Spiritual Intuition

  • Partner with your Soul
  • Expand your Conscious Awareness
  • Identify & Interpret Signs in your body, nature, and in everyday life.

Reinforce Your Trust & Faith

  • Trust your discernment in the signs you’re receiving.
  • Have faith & trust in your Soul & the Unseen Realm.
  • Develop a deep & rich sense of your Authentic Self.
  • Feel passion & purpose in your life.
  • Be confident and courageous enough to take the steps following the breadcrumbs.

A very important note:

The journey itself is being guided by Mother Nature, the Trees, and our Souls. Therefore, it shall evolve as our respective journeys evolve. This is an authentic journey that can’t be encapsulated in a specific formula or put into a defined box.  We have a starting outline, and together we must allow it to be adjusted (and yes, that makes my inner perfectionist uncomfortable) .

I have been with Kathy through her personal journey as she refined her skills in “reading the breadcrumbs” in developing the Soul Care Journey. She has remained dedicated to the authenticity of her journey, and I know you’ll benefit from participating with her in this creation. She has poured her heart and Soul into it, and I have personally benefited from the guidance she receives from the Trees. As she infuses the Soul Care Journey with the wisdom of the Trees, it will be life-affirming for those discovering their own path.

Tara Stricker, BA, WPCC AB, Canada

Your Destiny is Waiting!

It’s time to claim the greatest adventure of your life.

For over a decade, I’ve been going through my spiritual evolution, going from being an engineer and a woman of logic with no spirituality, to being confident and trusting in the intuitive guidance I receive from the Unseen Realm & my own sense of Self.  I’ve literally done a 180 in my life!

Through lots of formal training, my healing journey, and exploration into the mysteries of reality and Nature, I have opened my connection to the Unseen Realm, and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and continue to learn. I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of people helping them get to their truth, confidence, and clarity. I promise you that working with me will be different.

There is a guiding light in this forest of chaos and unclear choices. Developing path-finding skills has completely changed my life for the better, and I’m genuinely excited to continue this journey with you as we walk our individual paths, together!

Our World Needs Us!

We are being called to show up with our innate wisdom!

We are stronger in numbers!

In the past few years, Kathy has been there to help me when I have gotten stuck in my life’s journey. She has compassionately guided me to tune into my body, and given me the tools I need to work through my roadblocks. I was able to participate in a beta test of a previous evolution of Soul Care which I enjoyed immensely. I am so excited she has put her experience and compassion into the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way. I can honestly say that you can trust Kathy and she genuinely cares. I highly recommend whatever she offers!

Wendy Boulter, Butte, MT

Just the FAQs

What can I expect with a monthly subscription to the Soul Care Journey, Nature's Way?
  • A whole lot of powerful, amazing tools & fun!
  • You’ll have access to your membership area including an introduction and Module 1 right away.
  • You’ll be able to join the private Facebook group and start connecting with fellow journeyers right away.  Joining the online community is completely optional.  It is there for you to support each other.  You can dip in and out of it as you wish, or skip it all together.  I will post notifications there, but they will also be delivered via email, so you won’t miss any important announcements.  All program content is contained in the your private member area, so again, participation in the Facebook group is NOT required to get everything out of the Soul Care Journey experience.  It is a huge Bonus however.
  • Each module is delivered to your membership area monthly.  Some modules are divided into two parts, some are not.

What is my promise to you?
  1. Transparency.  As I stated earlier, The Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way, is a live, authentic journey subject to evolution.  Therefore, the structure may be adjusted, the delivery timing of content may change, the outline may be reorganized or tweaked.  Basically, things are subject to change just as our individual paths may take us in new directions.  Through this process of program evolution, I will be transparent.  I will share my personal and the collective challenges that I am sensing and observing.  I will explain any changes that my come.
  2. Flexibility.  Due to the evolutionary nature of the journey (see #1 Transparency), I am structuring the membership to be flexible.  You may opt out at any time.  You can rejoin.  You can pause and resume later.  You can upgrade.  You can downgrade.
  3. Authenticity.  It is my heart and Soul’s desire to deliver a program that effectively gives you the tools to discover your path to You and everything you want.  I am trusting in my guidance from my Soul, Mother Nature, and the Divine to serve this desire.  In my experience, sometimes roadblocks, hiccups, and detours occur.  I will lean on the transparency to share when this may happen.
  4. Lots of Love & Compassion.  As we take this journey together, we will be learning through fun, curiosity, and sometimes upset & challenges.  I will always intend to receive guidance through love, offer my most compassionate input, and ask for the same from you.

Is tuning into Trees for guidance a bunch of hooey?

Absolutely not! Science has now shown that plants are sentient beings, they can read our minds, and they have many parallels to humans.  They have their own energy fields like us and we can interact and communicate with those fields.  See this brief video which shows one example of an interaction of plant and human. Plant High-Five! I’ll admit there was a time in my life where I’d be leaning towards hooey, and quite honestly, the old engineer in me still carries a bit of healthy skepticism.  However, the plant science helped that analytical mind along, and then I experienced the Divine guidance through the trees myself.  The cleverness of the symbolism that is delivered still amazes me.  Divine guidance with wisdom from the trees mixed in enriches the mystery of our reality while providing confidence and clarity.

Is the Soul Care Journey, Nature's Way, a replacement for counseling or psychotherapy?

The Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way is an educational and self-improvement process to create positive change. The Soul Care Journey is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy.  Kathy Lundborg does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and her services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.

What is your refund policy?

This is a month to month subscription with the ability to cancel at any time.  Therefore, pro-rated refunds will only be issued for the current month and not for previous months.  If you cancel, your membership will terminate at the end of the current month’s billing cycle, and no further charges will be incurred.

Kathy, thank you so much for your help! The support you’ve given me over the past year has been life changing. Prior to working with you I had spent months in an internal battle over several decisions and a few bad habits, that seemed next to impossible to resolve. Alas, had I only known about you sooner! I’m thrilled to learn that you’ll be offering your wisdom and support in a new format, making it possible for others to receive the gift of your presence and nurturing touch.

Feroshia Knight

Master Coach and Trainer, Founder of Coach Training World

We truly aren’t alone.  Helpers are everywhere, including the Mind, Body, Soul, Mother Nature, and the Powerhouse of Pure Potential in the Unseen Realm.  Learning how to read the signs, or breadcrumbs, even within our fast-paced western culture aligns you with all that you are and what you are meant to do.

If not NOW, When?

The world needs all of us to step into the truth of all we are!  Let’s change this world together!